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Best gaiters for hiking

17+ Best Gaiters For Hiking, Backpacking, And Trail Running

Often times while hiking, our boots and hiking pants are just not enough to protect ... Read more

The Best Hikes In RMNP Top Hiking Areas Colorado

15+ Best Hikes In Rocky Mountain National Park

Located just 70 miles northwest of downtown Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is a ... Read more

KÜHL Radikl Pants For Men - Review

KÜHL Radikl Hiking Pants Review

There’s nothing like a great pair of hiking pants. And I had the chance to ... Read more

AIRKUHL Hoody for men review

Kühl Airkühl Hoody Review

Check out more high-quality hiking clothes by Kühl. First Impressions of the Kühl Airkühl Hoody ... Read more

Arc'teryx Beta LT Hadron Jacket Review

Arc’teryx Beta LT Hadron Jacket Review

Whenever different outdoor companies promote proprietary new face fabric, there is always skepticism, especially with ... Read more

best down jackets

10 Best Down Jackets for Hiking

Down jackets are an integral part of hiking in cold weather conditions. Down insulation, unlike ... Read more

san juan mountains colorado hiking trails

10 Best Hikes in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado

Colorado’s San Juans contain some of the most spectacular, rugged mountains in the lower 48. ... Read more

Indian Peaks Wilderness Colorado - Best Hikes and Trails

10+ Best Hikes in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

The Indian Peaks Wilderness is a designated wilderness area just 50 miles Northwest of Denver. ... Read more

Best apps for hiking and backpacking

9 Best Apps For Hiking And Backpacking

In the last decade, smartphones have transformed our world. Among other things, smartphones have fantastic ... Read more

Best hiking water bottles for day hikes

10 Best Hiking Water Bottles

Of everything in a hiker’s backpack, it would be hard to argue that a water ... Read more

Best ultralight backpacking gear

Best Ultralight Backpacking Gear Guide

Ounces mean ouches and pounds mean pains on the hiking trail. That’s why some people ... Read more

best budget hiking backpacks under 100

The Best Budget Hiking Backpacks For Under $100

There hundreds of backpacks available online and in stores for all different sorts of hiking. ... Read more

Best Headlamps

Best Headlamps For Hiking Or Backpacking

Hiking headlamps are an essential part of any hiker’s day pack. Headlamps are lightweight and ... Read more

the best emergency plan for hiking or backpacking

A 5-Step Hiking Safety Plan

Hiking in the wilderness can be dangerous. Weather, fatigue, getting lost, and overall being unprepared ... Read more

The best hikes to do in Colorado

15 Best Hikes in Colorado

Colorado has some of the most incredible hiking in the country. From the deep Black ... Read more

winter snow hikes

How To Hike In Snow And Winter Conditions

Hiking in the snow is a very tranquil experience. The trails are coated in white, ... Read more

Best Sunglasses For Hiking

7+ Best Hiking Sunglasses That Are Protective And Cool

An effective pair of hiking sunglasses is essential. Often while hiking we find ourselves in ... Read more

Best Hikes In Patagonia

Hiking in Patagonia: A Complete Guide

The region of Patagonia refers to a large region in Southern Argentina and Chile. Covering ... Read more

hiking gloves

Best Hiking Gloves: Our Top Picks

Hiking gloves are an important piece of hiking gear that you can use in all ... Read more