Best Microspikes For Hiking: Snow Traction Devices To Keep You On Your Feet!

Are you starting to think about the Winter hiking season? I am, I love Winter hikes. One of the best hiking gear purchases I have made over the years has been microspikes. They are amazing! Walk with confidence and avoid slipping or big wipeouts on the trails.

Microspikes are essential for snow hikes. They help you move more quickly, provide tremendous grip and traction, and keep you super safe on snowy and icy hiking trails. If you expect to encounter ice and steep terrain on your hikes I highly recommend getting some microspikes by Kahtoola. Toss them in your daypack just in case you run into icy, slippery trails.

After you try microspikes you will definitely ask yourself, “why didn’t I get these sooner”!?

Okay, so then what are the best microspikes for hiking? Read on to find out.

Best microspikes for hiking in winter ice and snow conditions

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What are microspikes?

Microspikes are lightweight and flexible ice and snow traction devices that you pull over your winter hiking boots, hiking shoes, or ordinary winter boots.

They are constructed of stretchy rubber bands, lightweight chains, and steel spikes on the bottom to deliver amazing traction.

The spikes dig into ice and hard snow and will prevent you from slipping and sliding around on the trails, especially on steep icy inclines. Microspikes are highly recommended to help prevent serious injury on snowy Winter hikes.

Microspikes vs. Crampons

Microspikes are best suited for Winter hikes where you will encounter snow or ice on the trails. They are particularly helpful for hiking up and down steeper terrain. The traction devices attach to most footwear options that you would normally wear in the Winter. The spikes bite into snow and ice with ease.

Crampons are a little more hardcore. A crampon is a more durable traction device that has much larger spikes. They also attach to your footwear differently. Crampons attach by straps, a step-in system, or a hybrid of the two. For the most part, crampons are used for ice climbing. However, they can also be used for crossing glaciers, snowfields, and icefields, ascending hard deep snow slopes, or scaling ice-covered rock. In these more challenging scenarios, microspikes would not be adequate.

Kahtoola Microspikes vs Yaktrax Traction Devices

The two most popular brands that sell traction devices for winter hiking are Kahtoola Microspikes and Yaktrax traction devices.

Kahtoola Microspikes have been the go-to traction device for most hikers. The Kahtoola product had been much more durable, and effective in recent years compared to the competition. However, this seems to have changed as competitors are releasing newer and better products than in the past.

Yaktrax now offers a wide range of products some of which offer equivalent or better traction and durability. For example, the newer Yaktrax Ascent is virtually identical to the Kahtoola Microspikes but offers additional spikes in the toe area for extra grip. The Yaktrax Summit traction device is an even more robust heavy-duty traction device compared to the Kahtoola Microspikes.

The best microspikes for hiking in snow and ice

Kahtoola and Yaktrax are the two big players. Kahtoola has been the front runner for several years. However, Yaktrax is competing hard these days with new innovative products for winter hiking. Let’s take a closer look at each brand’s top products.

Best overall for most hikers: Kahtoola Microspikes

I have been using the Kahtoola Microspikes for years.

These original microspikes are the best for intermediate to challenging Winter hikes.

They are durable, grippy, and are the best choice.

The performance is unbelievable in deep snow, icy conditions, and steep terrain. With a total of twelve 3/8 inch spikes, this traction device is super versatile. They have long been considered the best microspikes and Winter traction devices for hiking. For years they proved more durable than any Yaktrax offering.

I definitely rate the Kahtoola Microspikes the best overall option for most hikers. Everyone I know also wears the Kahtoola Microspikes traction system. I have not seen any other traction devices on my fellow hikers here in Colorado. Here is where to buy your microspikes.

Best budget option: Yaktrax Traverse

The Yaktrax Traverse is very similar to the Kahtoola Microspikes but a bit cheaper. The Traverse appears durable and has thirteen 1/4 inch (slightly shorter) spikes.

This is a great option for hikers that are looking to save money but still want a quality product.

Best for steep mountain terrain: Yaktrax Ascent

The Yaktrax Ascent might be considered a step up compared to the Kahtoola Microspikes. They look very impressive.

This product features 8 spikes in the toe area and a total of 16 spikes. This additional bite will prove particularly handy for aggressive hikers that hike up steep icy mountain terrain. Keep in mind they are not a replacement for crampons or to be used for ice climbing.

Most durable traction device: Yaktrax Summit

The Yaktrax Summit is a heavy-duty traction device. The “Boa Closure System” provides the most secure fit and prevents the traction device from slipping around your Winter footwear. The Yaktrax Summit has 12 carbon steel spikes. The outer/upper rubber band is the most durable and substantial of all traction devices further reducing slippage when attached to your hiking footwear.

If you plan on tackling demanding backcountry trails where deep hard-packed snow and ice exist the Yaktrax Summit may be the best option.

Best microspikes and traction for trail running

Trail runner? Traction devices are a great idea for running in Winter conditions and are recommended for those super fluffy powder days on the trails just in case you run into ice.

Check out the Yaktrax Run, Kahtoola Nanospikes (Check Amazon), or the new Kahtoola EXOspikes (Check Amazon) for trail running.

This concludes our review of the best Microspikes for hiking and Winter traction devices. If you are serious about Winter hiking you must get one of these products. Any of these traction devices will make your Winter hikes much more enjoyable. Hey, why not move with ease?

Kids microspikes

There are few options when it comes to getting kids microspikes. None of the companies above make microspikes for kids.

This year I bought these microspikes on Amazon for my child and so far they have worked out great. They do not appear as durable as my Kahtoola microspikes, however, they work just as well.

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