Patagonia Wind Shield Pants

Patagonia loves their punny names and Wind ShieldPants is a pretty good one.

For me, finding women’s hiking bottoms for cool temperatures has been a challenge. I don’t like to wear tights all the time and found that even lined version let in the wind. I also don’t like the fit of most hiking pants.

After wearing sweat pants for far too long, I finally found these jogger-style pants that are comfortable, flattering, and keep out the weather.

The hybrid pants combine wind-proof softshell panels at the front and back with breathable fabric used for tights to vent heat.

The lack of lining makes these pants perfect for fall weather in Colorado when the picks up more than the temperature drops. I don’t overheat like in hardshell pants and can add long johns for more warmth.




Good fit with stretchy panels, comfortable waistband + zippered cuffs

Side pockets that fit phones + more

Breathable panels shed heat


Can make that swishy sound like ski pants


These are excellent cool weather pants that block the wind without trapping heat. The side stretch panels are comfortable and cool you down. The size and placement of the pockets are just right.

Who Should Buy?

If you want comfortable pants with wind protection that won’t overheat.