SOLE Performance Thin Insoles

Best suited to slim-fitting footwear for everyday comfort or high-performance activities. I wear them in my trail running shoes that fit more snugly.

Where To Buy


Prevent foot injury

Prevent or cure plantar fasciitis

Fit in slim-fitting shoes




If you want to prevent foot injuries, increase foot energy and mileage, and improve support and stability, get some aftermarket insoles. No footwear comes with insoles. I guarantee you will love how these or the SOLE Performance Medium insoles feel. Once you try them, you will never go without them. This is how great of a product insoles are for your feet.

Who Should Buy?

Everyone. Especially hikers and trail runners.  They protect and energize your feet. Hike longer and feel more comfortable and sure-footed on the trails.

These work best with trail runners or snug-fitting footwear. The SOLE Performance Medium insoles are best for hiking shoes or hiking boots.