SOLE Performance Medium Insoles

An incredibly sustainable footbed with medium Softec cushioning and our signature base made with ReCORK recycled wine corks. These footbeds offer shock absorbing comfort for every day, as well as protecting feet during high-performance pursuits

Where To Buy


Prevent foot injury

Provides proper support

Reduces plantar fascia strain




Understand that no hiking or trail running shoe has a genuine insole. They have floppy inserts that do nothing for your feet.

SOLE aftermarket insoles cured my foot of plantar fasciitis and prevented it from recurring. These are essential companions to any footwear. I have these and the Performance Thin insoles in all of my shoes.

Once you try them, you will wish they had been in your footwear earlier.

Who Should Buy?

Everyone. Genuine insoles prevent injuries, increase foot protection, promote natural foot alignment, and distribute weight and pressure evenly.