How To Support Hiking Daily

Hiking Daily is a relatively new online publication that is working hard to be the best resource for beginner, intermediate, and more advanced hikers and backpackers. Our team strives to create useful, interesting, high-quality content for our readers. The early days of an independent bootstrapped publication are the most challenging. Nevertheless, we are making great progress each month, season, and year.

All of our content is free and available to everyone in the world that wants to learn more about hiking and backpacking. There are no subscriptions, paywalls, or display advertising to help fund our growth. We believe this provides a better experience for our readers. And, it allows us to help more people become more informed, prepared, safe, and comfortable while exploring the great outdoors.

You can directly support Hiking Daily by shopping through the affiliate retailer links on our website or the links below. We only recommend gear that we use ourselves (or are planning to try) that is made by the most trusted brands in the world.