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Hiking Socks Deals -> 20-25% Savings

Hiking socks are arguably the most important clothing item you can own as a hiker. I only wear Darn Tough hiking socks. And, I wear them almost all the time both on and off the trails. You can’t buy better socks in the world. These socks will keep you happy and really help to prevent blisters.

There is a lot of personal preference to socks (lightweight vs heavier weight, ankle vs quarter vs longer) but I can assure you that any of the Darn Tough socks are a good choice. You will love them for life (they do have a lifetime guarantee)!

Snap up a socks deal right here.

Hiking Footwear Deals

If you need some new hiking shoes or hiking boots, these below are an absolute steal for the high-performance and great quality.

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Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoes / Hiking Boots -> Save 25% Now!

The X Ultra 3 hiking shoes and hiking boots are incredibly comfortable and protective for being so lightweight. I have worn these and think they are the best you can get for the current price. The quicklace and Sensifit system hugs your feet snugly. This shoe is available in both waterproof Gore-Tex (just $112!) and non-waterproof (X Ultra 3 Aero – Only $89!) versions.

Here are the shoes:

And, here are the boots:

Salomon X Ultra 4 Hiking Shoes / Hiking Boots -> Save 25% Now!

This is another incredible deal. I have purchased these newly update Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex hiking shoes myself. I compared them head to head with the Salomon X Ultra 3 hiking shoes. The X Ultra 4s were a bit more supportive in the forefoot, and more stable overall. Even thought the 3s are a great shoe, I sent them back and opted for the 4s. The shoe is currently $112, and the boot $123. Massive value!

The shoes:

The boots:

Keen Targhee III Hiking Shoes + Hiking Boots -> Save 20% Now!

I am not a Keen guy, however many people are due to their solid reputation for comfort and quality. To get premium footwear at about $100 is a deal not to be missed. Especially, if you are a long time fan of Keen.

Keen’s flagship shoe and boot, the Targhee III (last year model) can be had for 20% off the regular price. Do not consider last years model to be inferior. It may actually be better than the new version. There is no proof yet the the new 2021 “bellows flex” version is superior, it may turn out to be a gimmick.

The shoes:

The boots:

Hiking + Backpacking Electronics + GPS Watches

Electronics for the backcountry have taken massive strides forward in quality, capability, and battery life the past year. These are my favorite devices.

Garmin inReach Mini

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Save $50 right now!

If you want to go deep into the backcountry where mobile signals wane, it is highly recommended to buy this device. Stay safe and in touch with friends and family. You never know when you might need help. Last summer, while hiking down from the summit of a 13er Mount Audubon, I passed a couple that made use of this device. They had to call for an airlift since one of them had badly injured their leg or ankle after taking a tumble and could not walk.

  • 2-way text messaging
  • GPS tracking and navigation when paired to mobile phone apps
  • SOS capabilities

Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar Multisport GPS Watch

Save $100 right now!

The Garmin fenix 6 Pro Solar is the most advanced GPS watch that you can buy right now. It is way better than previous models due to both new features and the incredible battery life. Solar charing keeps this watch going as long as you need it.

Garmin Instinct Solar GPS Watch

Save $75 right now!

If you are looking for a more affordable GPS hiking watch that has a tonne of awesome features, go for the Garmin Instinct Solar. It also has incredible battery life due to the solar charging. The main feature it lacks, hence the discount, is full-color maps. However, you can track your hike and follow it back.

BioLite HeadLamp 330

If you spend long days on the trails, starting early or finishing late, you should have a light source in your backpack. I just picked up this one myself, and chose it because it is rechargeable, lightweight (at the front – no bouncing) and SlimFit design, has multiple light modes, and has plenty of lumens. It is available in 4 colors.

Save 25% right now!